Print this puzzle then see if you can solve it

This is one of the best brainteasers in the world.   It has only four pieces but is so difficult.  Just download the picture below, print it out and cut out the four pieces.  Use the thickest paper you have for your printer.   Now try to assemble them into a T

Learn to Twist Balloon Animals

Go to your local party store and get some animal twisting ballons and a pump.   I'll teach you how to get started making some easy balloon animals in a few short videos:


(Hold down the shift key when clicking on this link so it will open in a new window)


I'd like to thank Ashira Morris who made this site for  a college project.



"Can Magic Mike Show Me A Trick?"

"I hope I get to show you something in person but in the mean time here are some fun things you can try" - Magic Mike